What is todays internet

not offering to you?







Would you like to


    Claim yourself back

    Own Yourself on the net

    Be the master of your domain

    Gain Internet Immortality

    Charge advertsers

    Have one password for internet.

    Protect your content

What you should do?


Draw the line! Stop being a product.

End the abuse!

Stop the free ride!

Change the system!

Take the control!

Make them pay! Earn money.

Execute your plan

Rule your internet

, a content generator!

Complete Online Personal Privacy: Nobody you don't want will know you.
Spam protection both online and email: Nobody you don't want will contact you.
Full content ownership: Nobody will take away what is yours.
Possibility to earn money: Reading and forwarding advertisement will earn you money.
One password for internet: Your domain will do all the registration and remembering. All you need to know is password to your domain.
Stability on your data over time: No more losing content just because the populer media becomes lame media or goes out of business. Whatever you have online remains online as long as you want.
Everything is managed for you: The technical hussle of owning a domain is taken care for you. All your data is safe and for your eyes only.
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