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Our Advanced Authentication and Authorization (AAaA) protocol lies in the heart of our product. AAaA has additional capability, security and effciency beyond OpenId and OAuth2 protocols that allow building a network of trusted parties in the domain level. The need for third party to authenticate is eliminated.


Anybody who wants to be friends (current social media structure), use your domain apps, or advertise must be approved by you.

All data is encrypted and viewed only by you and others you authorized.

Anybody who wants to email you must pay a fee (might be set to 0 for friends) which is determined by you to you.


Your domain is your shield. You may use your domain as a proxy for your online activities. Your identity remains anonymous unless you decide to reveal.


You have the full authority on your domain. What content, or apps to enable, who to approve.


As you own the domain, you own everything in it. Unless current social media systems, you don't give up the rights of content you post online.


Regardless how popular and gigantic those social media sites looks, they all come and go as with your content. With Sefika, you don't have to move around online. Your domain, content, memories lives with you and even after you.


With sefika, you only need one password for all Internet activity. Your domain will take care of all the signup and login process required outside your domain for sites, apps, downloads, memberships,...

Your domain is managed and kept healthy and secure by professionals while your content is completely invisible to the maintainer.

Your domain becomes your credit/debit card. Just show your domain name at shopping and payments will be made for you with your approval.

With the coordination of government and official entities, your domain can be used as your id card.


Your domain provides you an income through web and email advertisements.

Current system:

Advertiser (Pays) -> Middle man (Big social media kahunas. Gets money) -> Target (You, get nothing)

The new structure with sefika:

Advertiser (Pays) -> -> Target (You. Get Money)
Advertiser (Pays) -> Middle man (Your domain. Gets money) -> Target (Your firends also get money)
This system works on both when you receive advertisement emails or your web site is visited.
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