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What is Sefika?


  • Sefika is not a content management software
  • Sefika is not a web hosting service
  • Sefika is not an app
  • Sefika is not a global login server
  • Sefika is not a social media
  • Sefika is not a security tool
  • Sefika is not a search engine
  • Sefika is not an advertisement machine
  • Sefika is not an domain operating system

Sefika is all of the above for you.

With Sefika:


  • Your domain is your credit card
  • Your domins is your identity card
  • Your domain is your health file
  • Your domain is your tax processor
  • Your domain is your ad manager
  • Your domain is your surfing shield
  • Yuor domain is your personal book
  • Your domain is your social media
  • Your domain is your search engine
  • Your domain is your game server
  • Your domain is your device manager
  • Your domain is your contact point

Start now!

Would you like to


    Claim yourself back

    Own Yourself on the net

    Be the master of your domain

    Gain Internet Immortality

    Charge advertsers

    Have one password for internet.

    Protect your content

What you should do?


Draw the line! Stop being a product.

End the abuse!

Stop the free ride!

Change the system!

Take the control!

Make Internet pay!

Execute your plan

Rule your internet

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