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What is SefikaNet

We developed the revolutionary product; Sefika. It consists of Software, Hardware, Standard, and Firmware. Our product Sefika will take you beyond the clouds, make you a real entity in cyberworld and make internet work for you!


Spam protection both online and email

Nobody you don't want will contact you. Advertizers will have to pay you to reach you. You choose what it costs to send you email.


Complete Online Personal Privacy

Nobody you don't want will know you. You are shielded by your domain, while your domain does all the online job for you.


You own everything online about you. You decide the content, features, and privacy.

Everything is managed for you

The technical hussle of owning a domain is taken care for you. All your data is safe and for your eyes only.


Full content ownership

Nobody will take away what is yours. Unlike current social media, what you post remains yours. Any content you generate - comments, photos, information - stays with you!

Not only the content but you will also have your own bank, your own digital money and your own reputation! Todays digital money products are only an interm step to ultimate destination of everybody creates and uses his own money.


Stability on your data over time

No more losing content just because the populer media becomes lame media or goes out of business. Whatever you have online remains online as long as you want.

One password for internet

Your domain will do all the registration and remembering. All you need to know is password to your domain.


Possibility to earn money

Your domain works for you. Your domain becomes an advertizement panel where the advertizer uses directly without the middleman. Our method provides the highest accuracy and targeting in advertizement world.

Reading and forwarding advertisement will earn you money.

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